Crime reports is commercial service providing a visualisation / mapping platform established to both allow police authorities to make crime data about neighbourhoods accessible to the public, and to allow members of the public to submit tips about crimes in their area.


from police authorities: crime incidents, (fire, police) traffic, quality of life metrics (deprivation indices), other emergencies
from users: ‘tips’ about crimes
direct: Tips about crimes solicited from citizens
indiret : greater awareness of crimes going on, greater public safety

Human Computation Elements: 

users provide tips/insight about crimes, which are fed back to the authorities

Mediative Elements: 

Visualisation facilities and organizes crimes geographically and by type/severeity
Perceived problems :
In order to protect the privacy of members of the public and accused offenders prior to convinction, crime information goes through a dramatic redaction / anonymization process which has been perceived by some to reduce the usefulness of this data.

Category type: 
Public Service Social Machines