Facebook is arguably the world’s most famous social networking website. It connects friends, colleagues, and people from all around the world. Its name comes from a colloquialism for the directory given to students at some American universities.

See The History of Facebook and a timeline of Facebook .


a large variety of media:
wall posts - are posts made to someone’s profile
group posts - are posts that are made to a group
pages - are dedicated profiles for particular products (such as those being promoted) or interests or causes
comments - can be made on any post
photos - can be uploaded in the context of any
likes - can be done to any post, including a photo, as well as off the site through any 3rd party web sites that have embedded a like button

Human Computation Elements: 

humans promote items through ‘likes’ (explicitly) and views (implicitly)

Mediative Elements: 

Selection of articles for news feed
e.g. : southampton fixmystreet

Category type: 
Social Networks