Fix my street

FixMyStreet is a mySociety website through which users can report potholes, broken street lights and similar problems with streets and roads in England, Scotland, and Wales to their local council or related organisation, and see what reports have already been made. The site was initially funded by the Department for Constitutional Affairs Innovations Fund and built by mySociety , in conjunction with the Young Foundation. The site was originally launched as Neighbourhood Fix-It, but it was decided to change to a shorter and easier name in June 2007 when one became available.


Reports of things requiring attention

Human Computation Elements: 

Inputting elements

Mediative Elements: 

Provides geo-contextualised and temporal filtered list of reported incidents and things, visualised on a map for easy consumption
Southampton’s instance reports 40 submissions in a week,
4,151 submissions total - which seems quite low
iPhone App designed to facilitate input

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Public Service Social Machines