A-posteriori Provenance-enabled Linking of Publications and Datasets Via Crowdsourcing

TitleA-posteriori Provenance-enabled Linking of Publications and Datasets Via Crowdsourcing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDragan, L., M. Luczak-Rösch, E. Simperl, H. Packer, and L. Moreau
JournalD-Lib Magazine
Paginationin print
Date Publishedjan

This paper aims to share with the digital library community different opportunities to leverage crowdsourcing for a-posteriori capturing of dataset citation graphs. We describe a practical approach, which exploits one possible crowdsourcing technique to collect these graphs from domain experts and proposes their publication as Linked Data using the W3C PROV standard. Based on our findings from a study we ran during the USEWOD 2014 workshop, we propose a semi-automatic approach that generates metadata by leveraging information extraction as an additional step to crowdsourcing, to generate high-quality data citation graphs. Furthermore, we consider the design implications on our crowdsourcing approach when non-expert participants are involved in the process.

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