Observing observatories: web observatories should use linked data

TitleObserving observatories: web observatories should use linked data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGlaser, H.
Conference Name1st International Workshop on Building Web Observatories
Date PublishedMay
Keywordslinked data, semantic web technologies, web observatories

Web Observatories are a major international scientific collaboration concerned with data sources of a heterogeneous nature, and often quite large. Of course, they are not the first such collaboration; the Web itself was born as a response to a similar scientific endeavor. It is therefore appropriate to look at other col-laborative activities, and try to learn and use the lessons they have learnt.{\ensuremath{<}}br/{\ensuremath{>}}{\ensuremath{<}}br/{\ensuremath{>}}We argue that Web Observatories should build in interoperability using current best practices right from the start. We also argue that Linked Data is a best practice, and can provide the basis for a research environment that will deliver the vision of a large group of cooperating Observatories, sharing data and re-search results to the benefit of all. In addition, we argue that the activity should not start with a major standardization process, but should grow around appro-priate standards as required.

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