PROV-Dictionary: Modeling Provenance for Dictionary Data Structures

TitlePROV-Dictionary: Modeling Provenance for Dictionary Data Structures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMissier, P., L. Moreau, J. Cheney, T. Lebo, and S. Soiland-Reyes
Secondary AuthorsDe Nies, T., and S. Coppens
Date PublishedApril
Type of ArticleProject Report

Provenance is information about entities, activities, and people involved in producing a piece of data or thing, which can be used to form assessments about its quality, reliability or trustworthiness. This document describes extensions to PROV to facilitate the modeling of provenance for dictionary data structures. [PROV-DM] specifies a Collection as an entity that provides a structure to some constituents, which are themselves entities. However, some applications may need a mechanism to specify more structure to a Collection, in order to accurately describe its provenance. Therefore, in this document, we introduce Dictionary, a specific type of Collection with a logical structure consisting of key-entity pairs.

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