Provenance of Publications: A PROV style for latex

TitleProvenance of Publications: A PROV style for latex
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMoreau, L., and P. Groth
Conference NameSeventh USENIX Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance (TAPP'15)
Date PublishedJuly
Conference LocationEdinburgh, Scotland
Keywordslatex style, pdf embed, prov, provenance, tool, xmp format

In general, the task of generating provenance is still tedious, and the community still lacks tools to generate provenance easily. In particular, when writing papers, researchers should be able to produce the provenance of their papers, make it available online, and embed provenance metadata directly in their PDF files. To address this goal, we introduce prov.sty, a PROV style for LaTeX, allowing LaTeX source to be marked up, and associated provenance to be generated automatically. Provenance captured by this style currently includes: authors, organisations, funders, bibliographic citations, and embedded images. PROV provenance is automatically generated and exported as a Turtle file; further, a link to a provenance resource can be embedded in PDF using the XMP metadata format.

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